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Deaf Cultural development training

We provide Deaf cultural development and awareness programmes for organisations, businesses, schools, Early Childhood Education and Deaf-related organisations.

Our qualified Deaf and NZSL-fluent trainers can facilitate one-off workshop or work with organisations for a period of time to implement a cultural strategy.

We offer professional service:

  • Bi-cultural staff training

  • Aspects of Deaf culture (Deaf customs, history) workshops

  • Basic NZSL (New Zealand Sign Language) workshops

  • Cultural supervision (creating Deaf-friendly schools and workplaces)

  • Team building activities

  • Deaf-friendly projects development plans

  • Cultural and linguistic activity workshops e.g. NZSL storytelling,  Deaf immersion, Deaf arts, NZSL/Deaf clubs.

Training programme

2 hours presentation: 

This programme aims to provide an introduction to Deaf Culture and basic information on communicating with Deaf people.


Half day - 4 hours presentation:

This programme will clarify some of the myths and misconceptions about Deaf people and provide information about the Deaf community, NZSL and Deaf Culture. Participants will also receive practical information on communicating with Deaf people.


Full day - 7 hours presentation:

This programme aims to provide appropriate and relevant information about Deaf people in general, and in depth about Deaf culture. You can either book one full day or book three sessions, each one and a half hours long, and includes a short introduction to NZSL. You also can book an additional programme such as Deaf Panel, Deaf Deaf World or NZSL Interaction.

Downloadable files:

- Deaf Culture Booking form (PDF file - 150kb)

- Deaf Culture postcard (PDF file - 330kb)

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