Merge's Mascot

A competition for our community members to submit their drawings, artwork and other ideas has ended in April.

We would like to thank all the people who have participated in MERGE's Mascot competition.

A special congratulations to Deaf lady, Stephanie Alford (see photo) for winning the competition. Stephanie recently graduated her BA in Communication and Marketing.

MERGE is currently consulting with costume designers/makers to create our Deaf character for our MERGE brand. Our criteria for the Merge mascot will ensure it is NZSL friendly and a character Deaf children can look up too.

MERGE's Mascot will aim to create a presence at schools, ECE, children's events, expos, media or at child's birthday party!


To make this happen, we are currently seeking financial assistance to cover the production costs.


If you know anyone or yourself, who will be happy to give us a donation or sponsorship, we would be very thrilled.