NZSL for Families of Deaf children

Available to DCNZ members (and family members) who wish to learn New Zealand Sign Language at home, in a community class or online.

This Subsidy provides $400 (including GST) per Term, with a maximum total allowance of $1,600 per family, per calendar year. The application form can be found on the DCNZ Get Funding page. When you register with Merge NZ please provide your reference number from Deaf Children NZ. 

If you are interested to establish a NZSL for Families course in your local area please contact Merge NZ.


We are able to give you advice and guidance on setting up a NZSL for Families a course (particularly, with Deaf children aged 6 - 12 years old) in your local area. We have a team of NZSL tutors/mentors who would be available to teach NZSL for Families curriculum (20 weeks - Units 1 to 7).

Mentor Training 2017-2018 successfully completed!

Merge NZ encourages all families of Deaf and hard of hearing children to learn NZSL. The benefits of this are identity development, becoming fluent in NZSL, and developing a deeper understanding of Deaf culture. 

Deaf Children NZ Subsidy Fund

All six training programs for NZSL for Families mentors were completed during 2017 and 2018 in various locations in New Zealand.


Thank you all who attended the Merge NZ mentor trainings. If you’re are interested in developing your teaching skills further, check out further training opportunities on the TeachSign website under the Upcoming Trainings page.

PN Mentors training - Jan18
Akl Mentors training - Nov17
PN Mentors training - Oct17
Chch Mentors training - Mar18
Akl Mentors training - Apr17
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