Training for NZSL Mentors

Merge received funding from NZSL Board in mid-2017 to end of April 2018 deliver NZSL training for NZSL mentors, who are interested to develop teaching career to teach NZSL to families.


At the training, all NZSL mentors focus on Units 1 - 7 NZSL for Families curriculum (20 weeks) as well teaching/learning resources, which were developed back in 2015.

If you are interested to set up NZSL for Families course in your local area please do not hesitate to contact Merge NZ for support.

Contact Merge team TODAY to arrange a date/time to meet on Skype to discuss the details about setting up a NZSL family' friendly course in your local area.


We are able to give you advise and guidance on getting NZSL for Families teaching and learning resources as well setting up a course for families (particularly, with Deaf children aged 6 - 12 years old) in your local area (depends on NZSL mentor's availability in your area).

NZSL Mentors Trainings 2017-2018 was a success!

MERGE NZ supports the growth of NZSL mentors, who would be interested to teach NZSL to Families of Deaf children aged 6 - 12 years old in your local area.

About NZSL for Families trainings

All six training programme for NZSL for Families now have completed. Thank you all who attended mentors trainings. A Certificate of Attendance have been sent out to all mentors in emails (so you can submit to RAP under NZSL Teachers Association to show a proof that you have completed your professional development). 


If you’re are interested to develop your teaching skills further, check out for the next training opportunity on TeachSign website under Upcoming Trainings page.

MERGE are always seeking passionate NZSL Tutors to join the team of professional NZSL teachers, tutors, trainers and mentors.  We will provide information and support on how you can become a NZSL tutor or mentor. Please contact MERGE if you are interested to become one of our engaging and professional tutor.

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