Who Are We

Victoria Lessing (Co-Director)

Born and bred in Europe, I knew from young age that teaching was my forte; as soon as I became a young adult, I have delivered over thousands of hours of NZSL tuition for adult community education as well as over hundreds of Deaf cultural presentations in most parts of New Zealand since 2000.

I was involved in the development of TeachSign resources, that include NZSL Teaching curriculum and other resource materials for NZSL Teachers to use in their classroom. I am currently studying a BA in Education, raising a young family and a social advocate for Deaf Rights.


I have a passion for inspiring people through teaching this beautiful language and Deaf culture programmes. I became co-founder and co-director for Merge NZ as I knew this company will help to change people's lives through better awareness and understanding about NZSL being used within and outside the Deaf community.

Jaime Brown (Co-Director)

My NZSL journey began over 15 years ago. Learning NZSL out of interest I never imagined that decision would led me here. I have been fortunate enough to be involved in a number of Deaf activities such as being the communicator for the NZ Deaf Men's Cricket Team and secretary for the NZ Deaf Rugby Football union.


I have completed my Victoria University of Wellington "Deaf Studies & Teaching NZSL" course and am currently in my third year of the BA in English-NZSL interpreting at Auckland University of Technology.  I have over 10 years of experience with NZSL teaching in adult community education courses. My previous work history includes working for Geneva-Elevator for 3 years on the Deaf team in a supported employment role for Deaf and a Case Manager for ACC.

But my NZSL journey is more that just a list of achievements- it's relationships, connections, friendships and a passion, an absolute passion, for the Deaf community and NZSL as a language.

"To have another language is to possess a second soul" - Charlemagne.

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