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Welcome to Merge NZ

NZSL is at the heart of our services

Promotion: Merge NZ champions the promotion of New Zealand Sign Language (NZSL) through workshops, events, conferences, social media and community involvement to ensure the preservation and growth of one of NZ's official languages.


Services: Merge NZ offers a range of services for community,  schools, businesses and entertainment. We provide workshops and training programmes (both face to face and online via MySign) for people learning and using NZSL. You also can book specialised NZSL course to suit your needs.


Contact our friendly team anytime to discuss in detail today.


Online NZSL

MySign is an interesting way to learn NZSL online with our NZSL qualified teachers. Available anywhere, anytime! 

Face to face NZSL

Merge NZ offers NZSL onsite (in person) courses for individuals in 10 - 12 cities. We have different levels to suit your needs. 

NZSL for Business

We offer different NZSL training for organisations/businesses. Professional development to suit your needs.

NZSL for Schools

Book one of our engaging NZSL teachers to visit your school, ECE (Early Education Centre) or education places.

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