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Promotion: Merge NZ champions the promotion of NZSL through events, conferences, conferences, workshops and community involvement to ensure the preservation and growth of our beautiful official language.


Development: Merge NZ works in NZSL video production, basic research, and development of teaching & learning resources.


Services: Merge NZ offers a range of services for schools, community, business and entertainment. We provide high quality workshops and training programmes (both face to face and online via MySign) for people teaching and using NZSL.

MySign - Online NZSL learning

MySign is a new way to learn NZSL online. Available anywhere, anytime! Perfect for anyone wanting to have a casual NZSL practice with 'NZSL Buddy' or have NZSL lessons with our NZSL qualified tutor/s.

Learn NZSL in a class

Merge NZ offers a variety of NZSL course options for individuals and organisations/businesses. Professional development to suit your needs. Click here for more details. Enrolment is now open for July intake.

NZSL at your school

Book one of our engaging NZSL Tutor to visit your school or ECE (Early Childhood Centre) and teach children NZSL.

NZSL for little children (ECE)

Book one of our engaging NZSL tutor to visit your ECE (Early Childhood Centre, playcentre, etc.) and teach children NZSL.

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