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NZSL for Schools

With growing interest many schools are seeking for opportunities to implement New Zealand Sign Language (NZSL) activities and programmes in schools.


Having NZSL in your school will give your students an awareness, appreciation, accessibility to diverse learning. 


Merge NZ provide tailored learning to fit all students with different ages, learning background and skills/abilities.

Course options:

  • NZSL for Teachers - Part 1

  • NZSL for Teachers - Part 2



Most of these NZSL crash courses run for 3-week (classes are once a week for 1 hour per week).



Costs from $49 per person. For this, you will receive e-handouts and homework. If your school/company is paying for your course fee, please email Merge NZ and provide us their Reference/Purchase Order number.


NZSL 8 week course (onsite or online):

If you are interested to do a full 8 weeks online course, you can look for more course options and register here. Or you may would like to register in your local NZSL face to face course in your hometown.

NZSL for your school/ private organisation:

If you wish to book one of NZSL tutor to come and deliver NZSL training or Deaf culture workshop, please contact us here.

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Contact us for more information:

Thanks! Message sent.

Upcoming courses:

NZSL online courses, that may be interests you. Currently, we are offering all NZSL courses online only. 

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