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Start your career with Merge NZ


We offer opportunities to develop from fun NZSL teaching to children through to full-year course NZSL teaching and full day Deaf Culture formal presentations as well as many other positions.


This also gives NZSL teachers a positive career challenges and experience. We are open to listening (learning) to what your interests are and where possible, we will provide you with the opportunity to grow your career with us.


Merge NZ are looking for people to join our growing social enterprise – NZSL teachers who are committed to our customer service (NZSL students and learners).


Why work for Merge NZ?


  • A Deaf-led social enterprise with over 20 years of experience in NZSL

  • Teach class anywhere in New Zealand plus online

  • NZSL-friendly and Deaf-friendly work environment

  • Growth and stability

  • Training and development

  • Flexible working hours / work anywhere (from home)

  • High standard of quality & reliability 

  • Committed to public NZSL awareness 

  • We take pride in quality and delivery

  • Reputation as NZSL leaders

Join us to become a NZSL Teacher

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NZSL Teachers Training - Join us 

If you are interested to become NZSL teacher and you are most welcome to join our NZSL Teachers Training organised during the year.

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