NZSL Training for your Staff

NZSL is a visual-spatial language, which will assist your staff to build up self-confidence when it comes to delivering a presentation, public speaking or selling your company's service and/or products.


Also, having some knowledge of NZSL is an essential tool for

all front line staff. We offer basic NZSL training to all types

of customer-facing roles e.g. banks, retail, government departments, trade staff and anyone facing the public.


With over 20 years NZSL teaching experience within our team

of qualified NZSL trainers, we provide high quality NZSL

teaching and team building activities that incorporate NZSL.

This includes NZSL training for businesses, organisations and

staff & volunteers training.

Merge NZ tailor your NZSL classes to meet specific needs:

  • Signs (vocabulary) relating to your own industry/business

  • Length of classes to suit your team's needs

  • Flexible times (weekday/week nights)

  • Large or small groups

  • At your premises or our place (extra cost)

  • and refresher NZSL training

Contact us:

Contact us and discuss with Merge NZ team and find out how Merge NZ can support your business' growth and train your staff and volunteers to be able to relate to the diverse public that they encounter in their role.


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