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A NZSL app is here in New Zealand!

Merge NZ is thrilled to announce the new storybook app which was released as part of New Zealand Sign Language Week 2019. A partnership has been developed with 'Visual Language and Visual Learning' (VL2) within the Gallaudet University (the only university for Deaf and other Sign Language users in the world) to translate from the ASL (American Sign Language) version into our NZSL version. Just over 30 different countries have translated the Baobab story book in their native sign languages.

Based on research on benefits of visual learning, the VL2 team have improved the knowledge and developed sustainable early education resources to support bilingual education. They designed visual Storybooks apps through ASL presented by a professional storyteller in video with text component showing the written language. There is a glossary feature built-in that can support over 200 videos of fingerspelled and signed words.


This interactive app is designed to build Deaf children’s literacy skills by bridging sign language with written language. Audio support is available as voice-over. The Storybook is produced in electronic (app) format. 

Introducing 'Baobab' storybook

A brief description of Baobab story:

The Baobab is an original story about a curious little girl who goes on a search for a rare, delicious fruit growing from an ancient Baobab tree. The little girl encounters animals and lands herself in a peculiar situation! Children will enjoy the daring little girl's mishaps and adventures, the rich NZSL storytelling, and the captivating watercolor illustrations. 

For more details visit the link here - VL2 Storybook 'Baobab' and click on download button below.

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