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Supporting Communities

At Merge NZ, we recognise the utmost importance of supporting the Deaf ecosystem, the vitality of the Deaf culture, our community, and New Zealand Sign Language (NZSL) hinges on this support. By endorsing these organisations, groups, and individuals, we contribute to the preservation and promotion of their unique culture and language. We have a presence in every community in New Zealand and we believe we have a vital part to play in supporting these communities to build a brighter future and help them reach their full potential. 

Since 2017, Merge NZ have supported to all these organisations/groups:

  • Waikato Deaf Basketball (trip to Asian Pacific Deaf Championship in Melbourne, Australia) in 2018

  • Deaf Futsall Championship in Palmerston North (2019)

  • Deaf View 4 Conference in Auckland (2019)

  • Supporting 3 new teachers to attend NZSL Teachers Association Conference in Dunedin (2020)

  • New Zealand Deaf Cricket tournament in Auckland (2021)

  • Supporting 2 new teachers to attend NZSL Teachers Association Conference in Palmerston North (2023)


If your organisation or community group, is interested, please contact Merge NZ to apply for financial assistance. All projects or event must benefit the Deaf or NZSL community. Please email your proposal to Merge NZ and send email to accounts @ Expect to receive response within 5 - 7 working days.

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