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NZSL Courses for Essentials

Have you wanted to learn NZSL to assist in your job but don't have the time for an 8 week course. Register of a 3 week crash course. Merge NZ has an amazing team of qualified tutors just waiting to meet you.


These courses are designed specifically for those work in the health services such as medical professionals, organisations, and health care workers who provide medical care to those in need. As well the emergency services including Fire, Civil Defence, Ambulance and Police).


Course options:

  • NZSL for Health Professionals - Part 1

  • NZSL for Health Professionals - Part 2

  • NZSL for Health Professionals - Part 3

  • NZSL for Health Professionals - 10 week

  • NZSL for Emergency Services - Part 1



Most of these NZSL crash courses run for 3-week (classes are once a week for 1 hour per week).


There is a new course (NZSL for Health professionals - 10 week), this course runs for 10 weeks.



Costs from $49 per person. For this, you will receive e-handouts and homework. Those who have completed NZSL for Health - Part 1 to Part 3 or the 10-week course, will receive a copy of certificate (you must attend over 80% to receive a certificate at the end of course).

If your organisation/company is paying for your course fee, please email Merge NZ and provide us their Reference/Purchase Order number.


NZSL for your private organisation/service:

If you wish to book one of NZSL tutor to come and deliver NZSL training or Deaf culture workshop, please contact us here.

Forms, documents and downloads

NZSL for Health courses

Course outline covering health-related topics, which you will be learning about.

NZSL for Emergency courses

Course outline covering topics focusing on Emergency services. 

Cancellation Policy

Check out our NZSL course

cancelation policy here.

Upcoming courses:

NZSL online courses, that may be interests you. Currently, we are offering all NZSL courses online only. The next round of NZSL courses for health professionals and emergency services will be from late March (registrations will be open in early-mid March).


If you are interested to sign up for any of health-related course, please put your expression of interest here (below). Once the course is up and running, you will be notified to register appropriate course suits you the best.

  • 02 Feb 2024, 12:00 pm – 1:00 pm
    Discover NZSL during your lunch break! Join our 3-week NZSL crash course for health professionals, now starting on Friday, 2nd February (postponed from 24th November), from 12:00pm - 1:00pm. For just $49, it's a convenient and affordable opportunity to enhance your skills.
  • Time is TBD
    Location is TBD
    This Expression of interest is to gauge interest in our NZSL online courses. If there is enough NZSL students (min. is 4 students) then the course will go ahead in the next round. You will be notified to register closer to the date.
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