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NZSL Online group courses

Courses Guideline

Merge NZ offers NZSL group courses online. These live, 8-week NZSL courses (MySign) are easy to connect to and a great option for those that can't make a face to face class or prefer to learn NZSL online.


MySign group courses are fully interactive. You get all the benefits of a group course - but in your own home! We have beginner, intermediate and advanced levels available.


Course information (duration/costs) 

  • Beginner (Level 1) - 8 weeks at 1 hour per week - $140 p/p

  • Intermediate (Level 2) - 8 weeks at 1.5 hours per week - $160 p/p

  • Advanced (Level 3) - 8 weeks at 1.5 hours per week - $160 p/p

All prices are GST inclusive.

It's encouraged that you join suitable level matching your signing skills. Have a look at our NZSL Online Courses Guideline to help you work out what level are you at. 

2024 Dates for MySign online group courses

  • Round 1 - 15 Jan - 8 Mar (2 weeks break) 

  • Round 2 - 25 Mar - 17 May (2 weeks break)

  • Round 3 - 3 Jun - 26 Jul (2 weeks break)

  • Round 4 - 12 Aug - 4 Oct (2 weeks break)

  • Round 5 - 21 Oct - 13 Dec

Forms, documents and downloads

An overview of all Levels and Units Guide for all NZSL online courses (Level 1 - 3)

Compare with NZSL onsite and online courses levels and units.

Check out our MySign service price update letter (March 2024)


Want to learn NZSL online but you are not sure about your signing levels. 

Read our NZSL courses' learning outcomes for each levels to help you to decide.

If your organisation/company is paying for your course fee, please email Merge NZ and provide us their Ref/Purchase Order number.

Cancellation Policy

Check out our NZSL course cancelation policy here.

Upcoming NZSL online courses:

These are NZSL online courses, that may be interests you. Select which levels that you are currently at, then scroll down to find the suitable course for you.  

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