New Zealand Sign Language Live Online Learning 

Make a huge difference by practising or learning New Zealand

Sign Language (NZSL) so you can communicate with your

customers, clients, staff, children and family members who

are Deaf.


Here's what information and reasons you need to know about learning NZSL via Skype/Zoom live with the trained and qualified NZSL tutors.


  • 1 on 1 NZSL lessons any time or day of the week.

  • Or book for a group lesson/s (up to 8-12 people)

  • You can choose a qualified NZSL tutor for NZSL formal training or book your NZSL buddy for a friendly practice and conversation.

  • Our NZSL Tutors have a combined work experience of over 30 years.

  • All of our NZSL tutors and NZSL buddies are fluent in NZSL, helpful and patient.

  • NZSL Tutors have qualifications in "Deaf Studies and NZSL Teaching" from Victoria University of Wellington and are members of national professional body "New Zealand Sign Language Teachers Association".

  • Each NZSL lesson vary from 30 minutes to 1 and half an hour.

  • Total flexibility for NZSL lessons. Enroll in as many or as few hours as you would like.

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MySign Online group courses

Merge NZ also offers NZSL group courses online. These live, 8-week NZSL courses are easy to connect to and a great option for those in rural areas or those that can't make a face to face class. MySign group courses are fully interactive.


All the benefits of a group course- but in your own home! Beginners and Intermediate levels available, $130 (for beg. level) or $150 (int. & adv. levels) per person for an 8-week course (each part is 8 weeks long at one hour each week). We also offer customised group bookings, contact MySign Co-ordinator to arrange bookings.

2020 Dates for MySign online group classes:

  • 1st round - Monday, 3 February to Friday, 13 March (5 weeks break)

  • 2nd round - Monday, 20 April to Friday, 12 June (3 weeks break) 

  • 3rd round - Monday, 6 July to Friday, 28 August (3 weeks break)

  • 4th round - Monday, 21 September to Friday, 13 November


Beg. Level (Level 1) courses

  • Beg - Part 1 (units 1 - 2) 

  • Beg - Part 2 (units 2 - 3) 

  • Beg - Part 3 (units 4 - 5) 

  • Beg - Part 4 (units 6 - 7) 

  • Beg - Part 5 (units 8 - 9) 

Inter. Level (Level 2) courses

  • Int - Part 1 (unit 10 - 11)

  • Int - Part 2 (unit 12 - 13) 

  • Int - Part 3 (unit 14 - 15 

  • Int - Part 4 (unit 16 - 17) 

Adv. Level (Level 3) courses

  • Adv- Part 1 (unit 18 - 19)

  • Adv - Part 2 (unit 20 - 21) 

  • Adv - Part 3 (unit 22 - 23) 

  • Adv - Part 4 (unit 24 - 25) 

Registrations for MySign NZSL online for July intake 2020 classes is now open. 

Go to this webpage to register. For individuals, email here



MySign services and fees (for individuals)

Your personalised MySign fees will vary depending on the particular programmes you are enrolled in for example, how many hours/weeks, how many people you want learn NZSL together with you, your learning goals and the purpose for learning NZSL.

Contact your 'MySign' personal co-ordinator and you will receive an 'MySign' information package which will include: 

Your personal co-ordinator will make sure that your NZSL learning plan is realistic and achievable. Go for it and start your NZSL learning journey from now on.

* Please note: All of course fees are GST inclusive.

How it works for individuals


Super-fast & effective way to learn NZSL


Cancellation Policy

Please refer to document to read MySign as well other NZSL courses cancellation policy.

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