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Hands-On: Becoming a qualified NZSL Teacher

At Merge NZ, we are committed to nurturing the expertise of dedicated NZSL teachers. As advocates for the growth of skilled professionals in the field, we emphasise the significance of attending regular professional development (PD) training to ensure that NZSL educators stay informed and proficient in their teaching practices. 


Merge NZ works in partnership with the New Zealand Sign Language Teachers Association (NZSLTA) to ensure that all NZSL teachers have the best training available. Training are delivered by fully qualified and registered NZSL trainers. 


In our courses, you will receive information, the right skills and knowledge you need to know about becoming NZSL teacher:

  • understanding the NZSL teaching Levels and Units for suitable learners e.g. teaching onsite or online

  • building knowledge about different NZSL curriculums and resources available for your teaching

  • improve your knowledge of NZSL grammar rules and structures

  • provided with a pathway to become a qualified and registered NZSL teacher with a professional national organisation (NZSLTA)

The training is specifically suitable for people with knowledge of NZSL skills (with a minimum of 7 - 10 years experience).


If you wish to become a teacher, we recommend you to complete all three NZSL levels (Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced courses) as well get actively involved within the Deaf community to get deep understanding about Deaf culture and the history of NZSL.

Professional Development trainings usually are being delivered in several cities for NZSL teachers and others who are interested to teach NZSL two or three times a year (depends on funding available).


We welcome new faces including Māori Deaf and Pasifika teachers, who are fluent in NZSL.

All of our NZSL Trainers providing all our NZSL training programmes are registered with NZSLTA RAP (Registration Advisory Panel). 


All training programs are provided in NZSL only and there are no NZSL interpreters booked for the training. Its highly recommended all NZSL fluent signers to become NZSL trainee teachers.


If you’re looking to develop knowledge, experience and skills in relation to NZSL teaching, we’re here to help. Ask us any questions.

PD for NZSL teachers

If you are interested to attending NZSL teachers training, please visit TeachSign website to check for next training dates.


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