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Become our Sponsor

Hey our supporters! We’re Looking For Sponsors!

Where we had a great deal of exposure of New Zealand Sign Language and Deaf culture, our goal is to bring the communities together through positive experience with cultural exchange.

We’re fortunate that you guys love the concept we’ve got going, and it’s thanks to you that we’ve had privileges like prizes, food, beer & wine, chocolates, costumes, garden tool kits, giveaways, flyers, our entertaining videos (which some of you love and others.. eh, not so much) and the list goes on.

We’re looking for Sponsors..

But those who have given can’t be expected to keep doing so, that’s why we’re looking for individual or company sponsors to help out with some of our every-meeting affairs:

  • Posters/Flyers/Brochures

  • Food/Drink

  • Promo items

Though it’s great to give, we want to show you what we can offer your brand’s generosity in way of exposure.

  • All tangible items that you sponsor will feature your company logo

  • All promotional materials, i.e. Social Media, e-Newsletters & Marketing will place your brand within them, in a classy yet visible manner

  • We have at our disposal, on average 40,000 viewers through Merge NZ's videos and 6,000 active followers on our social media channels.

If you’re interested or have any questions, such as what past sponsors saw of the exposure, please email us at




We’ve been really fortunate to have supporters help with promotion, teaching, setup/takedown and cleanup without even being asked.


We wanted to put together a list of the supporters who wanted to have a more structured role in our Merge NZ's attendance at the events such as expos, fair, events, festivals, etc. like helping with promotion, or giving away flyers, looking after our visitors or guests.


So here are some opportunities to fill in volunteer spots we could offer to be filled such as:

  • Promotion

  • Membership/customers/Database

  • Cold calling 

  • or your creative idea?!


Again, if you’re interested or have any questions, please message us at this email address

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