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New Zealand Sign Language in Education

International research shows that sign language speeds up speech development, reduces frustration in young children by giving them a means to express themselves before they know how to talk. The development of language is essential for the cognitive and social development of all children, including, of course, those children who are Deaf.

Merge NZ's dream is that NZSL is being normalised in our country so every kiwi will be able to say HELLO, HOW ARE YOU? and THANK YOU in NZSL. A great way to start teaching NZSL from the birth and our service can help your school, ECE and institution to achieve our collective goal. Help us to achieve Merge NZ's dream today!

Early Childhood Education

Raising public awareness of NZSL begins with teaching NZSL to the young kiwi generation as early as possible, and both Deaf and hearing children benefit from learning NZSL in early childhood education.


Offering bilingual and bicultural programmes will improve in both NZSL and reading/writing English.


It also provides them an opportunity for meaningful social interaction and dialogue in NZSL and get prepared for NCEA in NZSL.

Secondary School

The young kiwi generation (both Deaf and hearing) learning NZSL in secondary schools as part of their NCEA. Students choosing NZSL as an elective subject in secondary schools.


We can offer both teachers and students NZSL support. 

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