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NZSL-friendly Projects & Development

NZSL Teachers PD training programs

We focus on developing regular NZSL teachers training internally as well we are open to NZSLTA members to join our NZSL teachers trainings. We offer a full weekend training once or twice a year as well ongoing online training on different topics. 

NZSL Clubs

We aim to offer NZSL Clubs in local areas, this is student led events. A wonderful opportunity for NZSL students to practice your NZSL skills with other NZSL students at different levels.


If you are interested to lead NZSL Club in your hometown, please visit this webpage and contact us to set up one in your area.

NZSL Business Network

Merge NZ is proud to be part of NZSL Business Network group to share ideas, knowledge and support. We are part of online meetings with 5 - 6 NZSL businesses/social enterprises in NZ.

Resource development

We make materials, resources and videos that can be used at the workplaces, schools and community as well for qualified trainers to teach NZSL. We also make students' or customers resources to ensure a professional learning experience.

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