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NZSL Online Beginners - Level 1

Course guideline

Welcome! Want to learn how to communicate with the Deaf and hard of hearing community? Our New Zealand Sign Language (NZSL) course is perfect for you!

Our NZSL Beginners Level 1 course is designed for beginners, as well as those who may have some basic knowledge and want to further their understanding of the language. Our yearly program is split into five block courses, covering units 1-9. Through our engaging and interactive approach, you'll gain a better appreciation of NZSL and Deaf Culture.

Our experienced team of NZSL teachers will guide you through the course, creating a fun and challenging learning experience. In addition, you will be encouraged to practice your skills outside of the classroom by watching NZSL videos. Join us now and start your NZSL journey!

Learning Outcome for Beginner - Part 1


Unit 1 (Meeting and greeting)

  • exchange greetings and make introductions

  • understand simple online class instructions

  • learn about the role of facial expression in NZSL

  • learn to get, and give, eyegaze before signing (requirements for visual attention)

  • learn numbers 1‐10

  • learn the fingerspelling alphabet, spell their own name, and ask for repetition


Unit 2 (Our class)

  • identify people in the online class

  • name language(s) they are learning

  • give and follow simple instructions and action commands

  • ask for clarification, correction and confirmation

  • ask and tell where something is in the room

  • use appropriate phrases for arriving late to online class

  • use numbers for counting (0-­‐20) and simple time phrases in relation to class activities



Anyone with no previous 

NZSL experience can  register this course.

Register here:

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  • 01 May 2024, 7:45 pm – 8:45 pm
    Ready to take your NZSL skills further? Elevate your learning journey from Beginner Part 1/Level 1a to Part 2! Dive deeper into NZSL in an interactive 8-week online course led by certified teacher. Starting May 1st from 7:45pm to 8:45pm, unlock the next level of your NZSL adventure!


Level 2

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