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NZSL Immersion camps

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Merge NZ team is aware that many NZSL students and supporters want to continue with your NZSL learning, but you find NZSL practice outside formal learning classes limited. 


With help from NZSL Fund, Merge NZ team will be hosting two NZSL immersion workshops/camps for you to appreciate practicing NZSL skills with other participants. 

Learning Outcomes:

  1. Expand the use of NZSL for all workshop participants.

  2. Become confident to transform their body into various objects using NZSL classifiers.

  3. Experience and learn more about Deaf culture such as behaviour, rules, and customs.

  4. Learn about current NZSL services in New Zealand.

  5. Create networking opportunity to strengthen local Deaf/NZSL community.

You will need to apply your interest to register for one of these camps, either in North Island or South Island. 


Two locations:

  • South Island - Bridge Valley, Nelson

  • Saturday, 27th May 2023 (10am to 6pm)

  • North Island - Tui Ridge Park, Rotorua

  • Saturday, 17th June 2023 (10am - 6pm)​

What to expect:

We are hoping to select up to 30 participants and some local NZSL tutors including volunteers to both locations. Merge NZ encourages participants that already know basic NZSL skills (Beginner 1c or above), so you won't feel overwhelmed when you communicate in NZSL. 

It's expected that all participants to travel by car and arrive between 9.30am to 9.45am and get ready for 10am welcome mini-ceremony.

There will be an ice-breaker activity, a welcome speech by MCs and three separate NZSL workshops for you all to participate. In the afternoon, you will be invited to participate our popular Deaf Deaf World, a full NZSL immersion activity.

Criteria to apply:

  • High priority will be given to those who live in the Bay of Plenty or Marlborough areas.

  • All camp participants must have completed NZSL 1c or above. w You will need to have a connection with Deaf people in your community i.e. work with Deaf children, parents of Deaf children, or work with Deaf colleagues.

  • Spaces are limited. Up to 60 participants for both camps (30 for Rotorua and 30 for Nelson).

Useful documents and information


Information about NZSL Immersion camps in Rotorua or Nelson will be uploaded soon.


Programme outline will be uploaded soon.

Health & Safety Policy

Check out our NZSL Immersion Camp Health & Safety policy here.

If you are interested in applying for one of NZSL immersion camp, please put your expression of interest here (below). Once you have submitted your interest, you will be notified to register and you will receive information package.

No upcoming events at the moment
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