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NZSL Onsite Intermediate - Level 2

Course guideline

Learning Outcome for Intermediate (Level 2a)


Unit 10 (All About Me)

  • Give, ask and summarise personal information about self and others.

  • Narrate about life events including their language learning journey.

  • Describe and identify people in order to share information about them.

  • Tell about extended family/whānau and basic family history.


Unit 11 (Home Life)

  • Describe activities, food and environment-related topics in the home

  • Make and respond to requests and complaints related to home life

  • Discuss responsibilities and schedules for domestic chores and errands

  • Recount personal experiences about mishaps and problems in the home.



You need to achieve

64 hours or full year of

Level 1 course to register.

Register here:

Find the Intermediate (level 2) course that suits your needs. If course is not listed, please wait for the next round.

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